CISCO 350-401 Exam Question 35

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What are two reasons a company would choose a cloud deployment over an on-prem deployment? (Choose two.)
A. Cloud costs adjust up or down depending on the amount of resources consumed. On-prem costs for hardware, power, and space are on-going regardless of usage. Most Voted
B. Cloud resources scale automatically to an increase in demand. On-prem requires additional capital expenditure. Most Voted
C. In a cloud environment, the company is in full control of access to their data. On-prem risks access to data due to service provider outages.
D. In a cloud environment, the company controls technical issues. On-prem environments rely on the service provider to resolve technical issues.
E. Cloud deployments require long implementation times due to capital expenditure processes. On-prem deployments can be accomplished quickly using operational expenditure processes.
Correct Answer: AB