CISCO 300-815 Exam Question 47

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Refer to the exhibit. Users report that outbound PSTN calls from phones registered to Cisco UCM are not completing. The local service provider in North America has a requirement to receive calls in 10-digit format. The Cisco UCM sends the calls to the Cisco Unified Border Element router in a globalized E.164 format. There is an outbound dial peer on Cisco Unified Border Element configured to send the calls to the provider. The dial peer has a voice translation profile applied in the correct direction but an incorrect voice translation rule applied. Which rule modifies DNIS in the format that the provider is expecting?
A. rule 1 /^\+\([^1].*\)/ /011\1/
B. rule 1/^\+1\([2-9]..[2-9]……$\)/ /\1/
C. rule 1 /^\([2-9]..[2-9]……$\)/ /\1/
D. rule 1 /^\+1\([2-9]..[2-9]……$\)/ /\0/
Correct Answer: B