CISCO 300-810 Exam Question 40

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An engineer deploys Centralized Deployment for Cisco IM and Presence, where central IM and Presence runs version 12.0, and remote Cisco UCM clusters run version 10.5. The engineer checks under System > Centralized Deployment and notes that Status remains unsynchronized.
What are two reasons for this status? (Choose two.)
A. This connection must be synchronized from the remote Cisco UCM Administration menu.
B. The remote Cisco UCM cluster does not support OAuth Refresh Token flow.
C. The Cisco UCM and IM and Presence cluster must be running at least version 11.5 to allow for Centralized Deployment.
D. The username and/or password of the application user that was provided for adding remote clusters to the central IM and Presence is incorrect.
E. The application user that is configured on remote Cisco UCM clusters does not have “Standard AXL API Access” added.
Correct Answer: BE