CISCO 300-615 Exam Question 33

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A Cisco ACI environment consists of three Cisco APICs, two spine switches, and four leaf switches. The engineer erases and reboots all APICs first, then leaf and spine switches individually, and then completes the Initial Setup dialog on the APIC1 CIMC KVM console. When the engineer logs in to the APIC1 web GUI, the engineer notices that there are no directly connected leaf switches being discovered under Fabric > Inventory > Fabric Membership. What is the cause of the issue?
A. The leaf nodes were not erased properly, which caused a fabric parameters mismatch with the APIC1.
B. Rebooting the APICs and the leaf and spine switches after wiping them is not required.
C. The engineer did not enter the TEP Pool value during the Initial Setup dialog on APIC1.
D. The same Fabric Name value should be used before and after wiping all devices.
Correct Answer: C