CISCO 300-430 Exam Question 78

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A company has a single WLAN configured for 802.1x authentication with the QoS set to Silver. This WLAN supports all corporate and BYOD access. A decision has been made to allow users to install Cisco Jabber on their personal mobile devices. Users report poor voice quality when using Jabber. QoS is being applied only as best effort. What must be configured to ensure that the WLAN remains on the Silver class and to ensure Platinum class for Jabber?
A. Configure QoS on the mobile devices that have Jabber installed.
B. Enable Cisco Centralized Key Management on the WLAN so that the Jabber-enabled devices will connect.
C. Configure the WLAN to broadcast on 5 GHz radios only and allow Jabber users to connect.
D. Configure an AVC profile for the Jabber traffic and apply it to the WLAN.
Correct Answer: D